Oooh… love it!

09/05/2009 § 3 Comments


Raquel Zimmerman is looking good as a blonde.  It took me a while but I AM LOVING IT!

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§ 3 Responses to Oooh… love it!

  • Joyce says:

    yo yo ang! 🙂 i’m likin what i’m seein so far! i cant wait for more updates from your life in the big city! the one adjective that comes to my mind when i saw this girl was: smoky. dont know what that means but hope all is well!!

  • dHo says:

    do you know who else is looking good is blonde?
    g dragon.

    anyways, i like the layout, very pleasing to the eye. fyi i have this bookmarked, so ill be checking 3 times a day

    • angelanoori says:

      haha hosung!!!!
      wow. but thanks!

      and yes gdragon’s hair looks good
      and his album! even better 🙂

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