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Yesterday was (as I hope everyone already knew) the first day of fashion week.
This week is showcasing Spring 2010 collections.
This week is also the 2nd to last fashion weeks to be held at the famous BRYANT PARK. So sad, I know.

Anyways enough lecturing (go look up fashion week, if you don’t know)

Yours truely, Angela Noo-Ri Choi, went into “the tents of Bryant park”

It was beautiful inside (and yes I did see high acclaimed individuals a.k.a. celebrities and whatnot).
A highlight for me was to be able to walk up those stairs and enter through the main doors
(not like regular stage set up people and go in through the back doors)

It truely was a great experience and I’m so sorry if I sounded mean or cocky for being able to go.
I just want to share my experiences, daily thoughts, etc. (I mean that is why I have this blog so no more apologizing)

So, here are EXCLUSIVE! photos

Outside (but everyone can see that)

Inside! (it’s gorgeous)
Miki and I


Dressing area. They finished the PORTS 1961 show. So they were packing up.
(The collection can be seen here: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/S2010RTW-PORTS)

Spotted and snapped

My friend Jessica (the blond one on the last pic) was like “Angela just go talk to her, it’s fine!”
So, we walked up and I GOT TO TALK, no CHAT, with Fern Mallis.

and then… SHE suggests that we all take a group shot.

Wow. so fun.
Miki, Jessica, and I were like kids who saw Disneyworld for the first time.

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