hello lovelies…

03/17/2010 § 4 Comments

ahhh i have not been keeping up with this blog! i am so utterly sorry…
nothing has been happening in my life! (well that is interesting)

last week my twin was in town and we went to the park and she shot this of moi

my cute twin


mommy’s in nyc visiting me
Mom in Times Square

and i tried this headband and wanted it but whatevss i can make it later…

(sorry i was “fake” smiling

With mommy I watched…

It was pretty good.  I must say that the glamour and class of going to watch a broadway show has died down drastically.  I myself was a bit ashamed for dressing so casually…
However, there were plenty of plainjanes and joeschmoes wearing jeans and sneakers…. dull…

It was so fun being with my mommy and it was her FIRST broadway show!!!!

I’m glad she liked it and the dancing in the show was great.  Makes me (kind of) regret quitting after almost 7 years of dance. *sigh… but it’s not like i was going to be a broadway star or anything.

It was still a fun night!

How is everyone else doing?

§ 4 Responses to hello lovelies…

  • joanne says:

    Hi Angela,

    I am doing very fine, thank you. 🙂 You and your sister are just dimes. So adorable. And I can so totally relate to your headband story…I am always like “mehh I can make that later.” When we go back in the summer we need to raid Michaels, buy a pack of headbands, and do tons of arts and crafts, please and thank you.


    hahahahhaha 😀

  • love-di says:

    your mama and your sistar and you are so cute!

    i miss you angela and your blog is super adorable!

  • love-di says:

    you and your sister and your MAMA are so adorable.

    and so is your blog!
    i misses you see yaaaaaa soonNNNN 😀 😀


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