Fave shoe of the moment

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Alexa Chung

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Vogue China
July 2010

At least change the name!

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Rebecca Minkoff Original

Rebecca Minkoff knockoff “cleverly” named 레베카 체인 (Rebecca Chain)

Another birthday goes by…

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I’m another year older.
I’m a bit wiser.
I live in the city now.
I miss my sister.
First birthday spent alone (without the twin).
I miss my dog.
I want my hair to grow out.
I want to go to Cali.


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Oh Doo.ri, you can make any woman feel girly.  Love your draping. Keep doing what you do because you are amazing.
I love how “smart” everything looks.  This collection is complete and wearable.  Love it.

(photos: style.com)

Better than what I had expected

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I’m still not gonna lie, I went just to see 2PM.  They were amazing. (ly hot).

The girls did get a lot better.  Sohee got so much better! The best vocals will always be YeEun and SunYe.  Of course Yoobin was the crowd favorite!!!! She is pretty fly.
The new girl. She’s alright… I guess I just need to see her perform more. She did pretty well though.

I have to give them credit though because the are so good at dancing.  (and having to sing through all that!)

(photos: me)